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Whether you are new to the hobby, or a collector, is passionate about reviewing only the best quality Breyer Horse models and related items for collectors.

Collecting models is very rewarding and can bring you the joy of learning about horses and their conformation, and even the beginnings of stable management.

Within our collection, you can explore the range of Authentic breeds of the world and enchanting Scaled Models for play or the display Cabinet- many of which become cherished collectables for future generations. Start with one model and watch your herd grow!


15 Breyer Horses for collectors and horse lovers in 2021

Breyer Horses are a brand of collectable model horse toys that date back to the 1950s. Breyers feature an extensive line-up of breeds and lines, with horses in a variety of action poses. Many of the Breyer models are designed with a particular theme or focus. Read the article

How Much is my Breyer Model Worth?

Running a Breyer horse reselling business can be profitable. Breyer horses are relatively inexpensive compared to other model horses, which means that you can generate sales without having to invest too much money in your inventory… Read the article

How to Make an English Bridle

This article tells you how to make one using 24” of material. Either Ribbon or Leather 1/8” or 1/16th thick.
– Small Hair Clips (To hold Glued Areas)
– Tweezers (For ease of buckling)
– Model Horse Read the article

Prop Making

Always wanted that certain accessory for your model horse that we don’t currently do? Here are some ideas of how to make them! Read the article

Customising Breyer Model Horses for Beginners

Breyer Model horse customising is an incredibly fun activity. It can be as easy as repainting a model a different color, to remaking and changing the model completely. The art of customising a model horse involves a series of processes to make the horse look more realistic. These include removing the factory seams and logos, carving out nostrils, ears and realistic frogs and heel bulbs in hooves. Read the article

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