The A,B,Cs Of How To Care For A Horse

Now you might be wondering how to care for a horse, but before you start out, you might want to know what you’ll need …just so that you don’t hurt or damage your horse in any way. And that involves knowing about the different aspects of taking care of your stallion/mare. So read on to learn all about the A,B,Cc of how to take care for a horse.

Horse Nutrition: what you eat shows in your health. The same applies to your stallion – if you don’t get a hang of his nutritional requirements, you might miscalculate and cause irreparable damage to your boy. This is especially true if you start out with a colt rather than an adult horse.

Grooming: apart from nutrition, you are equally responsible for your stallion’s grooming. His external appearance depends both on his diet and on how well you maintain him.

It doesn’t matter if your boy loves to canter around in the fields, frisk about in the mud, or is a quiet little thing that stands all day in the stalls. At any given point of time, he might be covered in mud, little dirt particles and his hair – despite its good looks – could be a mess of tangles.  …

Benefits of horse riding for GED Students

Obviously, there are quite a few health benefits to horseback riding such as developing strong legs and core, but scientists agree that there are many maybe little less-obvious benefits, for example, such as better introspection and increased self-confidence.

There have been several studies that addressed the positive and negative effects of riding horses on young adults and children and in what way the underlying mechanisms of riding affect humans in general.

A recent study revealed that vibrations during horseback riding have positive effects and activates the human sympathetic nervous system which, in turn, has a positive effect on an individual’s learning capacities.

The results of this study clearly indicate that horse-riding might very well help to improve a child’s cognitive abilities. Cognitive skills are brain-based capabilities and improving these skills can result in better learning, enhanced memory, and improved problem-solving skills.

Best GED Classes, a website that offers GED online prep courses, gave away horse-riding lessons to a group of students and they confirm these results. There are obvious benefits to horse riding, says Steve Gory from bestgedclasses.org.

Horse Gifts for Men

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes shopping for men can be difficult, especially for those with specific interests. We have found several gift ideas for the horse-loving man. These will make wonderful gifts that will not only be loved but also used on a daily basis.

#21 Money Clip

Every man could use one of these. Engravable to make it more personal and to be a constant reminder of the gift giver. Depending on your budget may be gold or silver sterling. 

#22 Business Card Holder

Gives absolute professional business appearance and make the clients and associates a great impression showing the passion at the same time.

#23 Key Rings

High-quality, elegant key rings and wedding rings made out of leather or sterling silver will combine functionality with the quality, making ordinary objects something extraordinary for the horse lover in your life.

Horse Gifts for Men

Equestrian Wedding Gifts and Horse Home Décor Gifts

The selection of horse-themed wedding gifts is amazing. Gifts for the newlyweds’ home are always perfect horse wedding gifts. For the horse enthusiast couple in your life, Style Reins has a few suggestions.

#30 Bedding Set

From colorful throws to classic and modern bedspreads. From luxurious bedding to wonderful linen duvet and pillowcase sets. There is a wide selection available to suit every budget. You can choose some horse motives or simply personalize your gift with the embroidery.

#31 Dining Set

There is a big variety of dining sets, you can choose between the small one (coffee set for 2 people) or a bigger set for 3-course dinner for the whole family. We guarantee any horse lover would enjoy dining off of horse-themed beautiful dishes.

#32 Photography Shoot

This is a truly unique wedding gift, a photography shoot with the happy couple’s own horses makes a splendid gift and everlasting keepsake of their special relationship. …

Ultimate List of Gifts Ideas For Horse Lovers

Looking for a perfect horse gift? Then look no further. We’re specialists in gifts for horse lovers and we want to help you for the best price.

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenge, especially when that special someone has a particular interest or hobby. For the horse lover in your life—whether a fan, leisure rider, or serious equestrian—there are many unique and wonderful gifts guaranteed to please and delight.

From birthdays to graduations to anniversaries to Christmas (and beyond)—and even for the person who seems to have everything—there are many unique and special gifts that capture the beauty and splendor of these magnificent creatures that special person will truly love.

From clothing to jewelry to games to children’s gifts to books to home décor, to one-of-a-kind handcrafted items—and much more—you are bound to find that perfect gift. Additionally, regardless of your budget, there are oodles of gifts for horse lovers at every price point. From under $10 lamp pulls to thousand-dollar limited edition signed and numbered prints, there is something out there for everyone.

If you have a horse enthusiast or fanatic in your life, check out these awesome gifts for horse lovers for inspiration.

Horse Gifts for Girls

Finding a horse gift for girls can be a challenging task. Therefore we created this list of most desired horse gifts. Want to put a smile on a child’s face? Give them one of these gifts and then step back and watch them! They don’t even have to be a horse fan to be thrilled with these gift ideas. …

39 Undeniable Signs That You Are True Horse Lover

There are many signs that you are a horse lover. We have collected the most common, check the list of how many of them you can observe.

Don’t forget to check our awesome gifts guides for horse lovers.

You are a real horse lover when…

  1. You go to the supermarket in your breeches and boots
  2. Your veterinarian is number one on your speed dial and your husband is number two
  3. You see a great looking guy riding a horse and only notice the horse
  4. You lean forward as your car goes over a speed bump
  5. You tie your tennis shoes in a quick release knot
  6. You walk behind your car and touch it so it knows you are there
  7. You’d rather muck stalls than clean your house …

Model Horses and Breyer Horses What You Need Know

The Model Horse Hobby has been around for many years. It began back in the 1950s and has developed into an extremely fun, friendly, and educational pastime.

Collectible horses like Breyer Horses are the most popular ones. They are also ideal gifts for horse lovers.

Breyer horses are sought after by horse-crazy kids. They are a collectible form of horse art for kids. Model horses, in general, make great gifts, but Breyer horses shine in this category of collectibles.

When I was a kid, I collected Breyer horses, and now my daughter Rachel adds her own to that collection she inherited. Keep in mind, even though Breyer horses are loved by girls try also different options horse from our gift collections for girls.

Of course, leaving them in a box on the shelf allows them to increase in value, but I found great value as a kid, and so does my daughter, in using my imagination and my model horses for hours of fun. Either way, they make a great gift for young horse fans.

If at all possible, you should consider age, available display space, and the overall personality of your young horse enthusiast. This will help you to choose from the huge selection of Breyer horses available today. …