Model Horse Q&As

All models should ideally have a name of some sort… Even if a model is called “Herbert”
it is better than its makers description of “Brown Thoroughbred Horse”.

Q: Why do I have to name my models to show them?
Ans: A name is easier to remember and reference, and serves to uniquely identify a particular model. Occasionally, a brand new model is shown as “Unnamed” until a proper name is decided on. Some people like to use a prefix in their model’s names as an identity for their studio, stable, or ranch, such as UH Herbert for Utterly Horses Herbert.

Q: I just bought a Breyer model named Milton. Do I have to change his name?
Ans: Because most models are produced in large numbers, there could be a lot of Miltons out there, so if you entered your Milton in a show with other people who also had a Milton, the only way you’d be able to tell the difference between all of them is by the
owner’s name! If you really like your model’s name, add a prefix so it’s easier to differentiate from others. Otherwise, you can entirely change the name or keep parts of it. Add you stable name to your models name, eg. UH Milton or add extra words to it to make it unique– eg. Prince Milton III.

Q: I just found out that the name I chose for a model is being used for another person’s model .Do I have to rename my model or does she?
Ans: Neither of you have to rename any model, since there are no restrictions on names. This scenario is a good example for why it’s a good idea to use a prefix. That way, there’s never any confusion as to whose model it is!