Model Horse Scales and Sizes

The five different sizes:

There are five different scales within our range- Traditional being the largest and micro the smallest

A) Traditional: (1/9th scale) (Approx: 12″ L x 9″H)

Traditional models are for play, fun, collecting, showing and more! This scale features an extremely wide range of different Breeds and Colours in addition to having authentic scaled accessories to compliment your models. The accessories are just like their life-size counterparts and also have to be used like them too. (For example, a bridle in this scale would have to be fitted onto a model just like a real horses bridle would do). This is good for promoting correct stable management and horse care, as well as making play even more authentic.

B) Classics/Grand Champions: (1/12th scale) (Approx: 9″ L x 6″ H)

Classic models are designed to appeal to junior collectors and are a great starting scale. They are crafted in the 1:12th scale, the same scale as dolls houses, with a variety of breeds and colours represented. Also in this scale are the Grand Champion horses, which feature brushable manes and tails that come with themed accessories.

C) Pony Parade/Winddancers: (1/24th scale) (Approx: 5″ L x 4″H)

The Schleich models within this scale are made from durable solid material. Each horse is individually hand-painted and accurately detailed to represent his or her individual breed. These models come with a wide range of fantastic accessories that are perfect for all ages. The Breyer Wind Dancers are the same scale and feature brushable manes and tails, and light fabric wings.

D) Stablemates: (1/32nd scale) (Approx: 4″L x 3″H)

Stablemate models are great for play or collecting. These mini models are scaled at 1/32nd size and are just as detailed as their larger cousins. The range features lots of different breeds and small accessories to compliment your stable yard.

E) Micro (1/64 scale) (Approx 1″L x 1″H)
Itty, Bitty, Tiny models. Great to carry around with you and to collect, with the added bonus that they do not take up that much room on your shelf! This range of models features collectable and imaginative playsets in addition to featuring in some activity kits in which you can paint your own.