Julip Model History

Julip horses are a range of 1:12th-scale model horses that began in 1945.

Julip Horses were first made and sold from Julip’s shop at 18 Beauchamp Place, in London’s Knightsbridge.

An enterprising sculptress called Lavender Dower made the first Julip models in chamois leather (and later in Latex). Each model had lead in their legs, which came from the bombed out buildings around London after the Second World War, enabling them to be moved and posed into different positions.

For the next 52 years the Beauchamp Place shop greeted hundreds of visitors from all over the world and all walks of life from the children of royalty, film and rock stars to politicians, who came to choose their very own Julip model.  

In 1989, a new range of Julip models were launched, called the Horse of the Year Range based on the Julip Originals that they had been making for 44 years.

Instead of using latex, which is not considered suitable for children’s toys, the new models were made from a plastic that is solid yet pliable. The result was superb quality, solid & durable horses with legs that give so they do not break.

The Horse of the Year range features horses that and have silky manes & tails to brush and plait. They are available in giftsets with riders and themed accessories, or singularly in addition to having lots of additional accessories to add to your collection like riders, rugs and even mucking out set!  

To view the complete range of current Julip Horses and accessories, please click here.