How to Fix a Broken Log on a Breyer Horse

When a Model Horse Breaks a Leg, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the trail. In all cases, a broken part on a model will seriously affect the value but in some cases, it’s good to repair them because they are an old favourite!!

Most Glue cannot properly hold plastic parts together without looking messy or snapping right off the next time you set it down. By repairing the break this way, it is a solution that should stand the test of time. If you are going to fix your model the following way, please always make sure there is an adult present at all times. It is a little tricky. 

Material List:
1 Broken Model (with broken piece),
Superglue, Pin, Ruler, Paint, Drill & Pilers,
Adult Supervision Required 

Step 1:  The Break should be a clean snap break. If there is any old glue, residue or dirt,  clean both ends before beginning. If there’s any chips, make note of where, so they don’t interfere with lining up the pieces.
Stage 1
Step 2:  Take a marker or paint and dab some on the centre of the part of the broken leg.Stage 2
Step 3: Carefully join together the two pieces to allow the paint in blob to hit the same mark on the opposite end.Stage 3
Step 4: Now the two ends have a mark on the same place so when drilled they’ll match up.Stage 4
Step 5: Once the paint blobs have dried, hold the ends together and place a ruler on them
Step 6: Mark a Straight Line across the break.
Step 7: Now you are ready to drill. Make sure that the drill bit is slightly smaller than the pin. Using the ruler mark to keep the bit straight, slowly drill into the leg and the body ends. Be Careful not to go too deep.Stage 7
Step 8: You will need to prepare the pin for the leg. This adds Strength to the mend and lessens the chance of a re-break.Stage 8
Step 9: Clip off the head of the pin with a pair of pliers. Using the pliers put the pin in the body end as far as it will go.
Step 10: Test fit the leg end to make sure the hole is deep enough, the pieces line up and the horse will stand. If they do not, you may have to make the hole a little deeper with a drill, hollow the hole a little with the drill or bend the pin slightly.
Make Sure everything is even before you glue!
Stage 10
Step 11: Superglue is the best thing to stick everything together.  Beware: Superglue will stick you fingers together so be careful not to get any glue on your skin. Pull the pin out of the body and apply the glue well to the end of the leg and put them together. Apply pressure to both ends for 2-3 minutes, and then carefully stand up the horse to finish drying. Now your horse should be ready to go back on the shelf or to be played with and admired by all!