Different Types of Model Horse Shows

Photo Shows, Live Shows, Postal Shows?
 -HELP! What Are They? 

Postal Show:
Postal showing is the simplest kind of showing in which a model horse can take part.  Unlike other showing possibilities (see below), placings in a postal show are random. Each model has the same chance of winning and the winners come from the luck of the draw. (Or dice!) 

The “judges” of the postal show normally judge the show by using 2 or 3 dice by throwing them and recording the score for each horse entered. By using more than one dice, it dismisses the probability of multiple horses “tie-breaking” on one score. Entering a Postal show is a very simple process- it normally involves sending a list of models with their details (breed, age etc) to the show holder.

Each class is then judges by the “dice technique”. Then once the show is completed, your results will be returned to you with any winning rosettes/prizes.

Photo Show:
Photo Show’s are a very popular way of showing Model horses. You simply send in photographs you have taken of your model horse to the show holder/judges and they are judged just like a real-life horse show. Each picture is judged on its realism and how true to life it appears. Compared with postal showing, the judging is not a random process and so being placed can be an art!
The most commonly used type of film is 35mm and each model entering must have a name, breed, sex and age plus must be appropriately placed in each class in which it is being shown. Digital Photo Classes are now starting to be integrated into Photo Showing. 

Live Show:
Live Showing is one of the most enjoyable activities in the Model Horse Hobby. They are called live shows because you exhibit your models live and in person. A good live show is part competition, trade show, art exhibition and a chance to catch up on model news.

Model Horse live shows usually offer halter and performance classes as well as Breed, colour and makes classes. Models entering the classes are judged on different criteria- each judge has different things they are looking for like- colouring, likeness to the breed, condition among a few things