Ultimate List of 35 Gifts Ideas For Horse Lovers.

Looking for a perfect horse gift? Then look no further. We’re specialists in gifts for horse lovers and we want to help you for the best price.

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenge, especially when that special someone has a particular interest or hobby. For the horse lover in your life—whether a fan, leisure rider, or serious equestrian—there are many unique and wonderful gifts guaranteed to please and delight. From birthdays to graduations to anniversaries to Christmas (and beyond)—and even for the person who seems to have everything—there are many unique and special gifts that capture the beauty and splendor of these magnificent creatures that special person will truly love.

From clothing to jewelry to games to children’s gifts to books to home décor, to one-of-a-kind handcrafted items—and much more—you are bound to find that perfect gift. Additionally, regardless of your budget, there are oodles of gifts for horse lovers at every price point. From under $10 lamp pulls to thousand-dollar limited edition signed and numbered prints, there is something out there for everyone.

If you have a horse enthusiast or fanatic in your life, check out these awesome gifts for horse lovers for inspiration.

Horse Gifts for Girls

Finding a horse gift for girls can be a challenging task. Therefore we created this list of most desired horse gifts. Want to put a smile on a child’s face? Give them one of these gifts and then step back and watch them! They don’t even have to be a horse fan to be thrilled with these gift ideas.

#1 Horse Bracelets

(Infinity Wrap Bracelets)

It is a proven fact that girls love jewelry. For the junior horse lover, there are many options such as fun wrap infinity bracelets or super cute charm bracelets.

#2 Horse Magazines

Reading material is always a great gift for young people as it informs and entertains. Any young horse enthusiast would love a subscription to Young Rider or Blaze magazine.

#3 Horse -themed Jewelry Box

Each girl needs a place to keep all of her jewelry. The adorable horse-themed musical jewelry box is the perfect gift for young equestrian.

#4 Horse Backpack

This is a perfect gift for school or for vacations. It helps to take one’s stuff from point A to point B—in truly equestrian style.

#5 Horse T-shirt

A T-shirt is always a great gift idea. Showing the passion and love for horses by wearing the t-shirt is quite common in the horse riding community. This gift is a safe choice and will be appreciated.

#6 Mug

Another safe and good horse gift. Doesn’t matter how many mugs we have, we always need more. And if it is designed especially for equestrians – you may be sure it will be a win.

#7 Lunchbox

Perfect school gift. who told that pragmatism cannot be chic and express our passions?

#8 Horse – Opoly

It is a property-trading game based on the equine animal friends. The board features different breeds of horses while each property deed teaches players a little about that breed of horse.  Perfect gift for all crazy girls over the age of 8. Great entertainment for the horse crazy families!

#9 Horse Vacations

Horse vacation is the fantasy of many a horse lover. Some horse enthusiasts might prefer a horse vacation that involves bringing their own horses along, while others might enjoy a trip with less responsibility like dude ranches or guest ranches. Either way, a horse vacation is a true holiday for the horse fan and is one gift my whole family would love to receive.

#10 Horse Posters

The poster will bring any wall in your horse fan’s home to life with the spirit of the horse. This is the gift that the true horse lover always appreciates.

#11 Grooming Gloves

The grooming gloves are the easiest, fastest and the healthiest way to grom the horse. It helps to groom and massage the horse at the same time. It is definitely a win-win for the horse fan and the horse. 

Horse Gifts for Women

Shopping for the female horse enthusiast in your life is quite easy with the wonderful array of gifts available. Jewelry is always welcome, and this is no different for horse lovers. But take a look at some others gifts for femele horse lovers.

#12 Horse Handbag

What woman doesn’t love handbags? The tooled leather horse-themed saddlebag purses are a perfect gift for the female horse enthusiast.

#13 Horse Jewelry

Horse jewelry makes a wonderful gift. Horse loving gals and equestrian jewelry go together like boots and spurs…the perfect fit. From horse earrings to horse pendants and pins to horse bracelets and anklets to the ever-popular horse charm bracelet to even the toe ring, there are so many types and styles of equine jewelry to choose from that you’re sure to find something to please the horse lover on your list.

#14 Professional Photo Session

The professional photography session is by far the best gift equestrian can dream about.  An experienced photographer can capture very special moments between the rider and her/his horse showing the unique bond between them. This is the gift that would never be forgotten.

#15 Training Videos

There is always more to learn about horse training or riding, and you can’t go wrong by gifting an equestrian some good training videos.

#16 Riding Trips

Want that your gift will never be forgotten? Consider giving an equestrian trip. The very special equestrian in your life will be the happiest person you can imagine. The trip can be gift certificates for a day of trail riding at a local facility, or the entrance fee for a clinic with a popular clinician.

#17 Horse Calendar

Calendars are always a safe and nice gift. Even if most of us use our smartphones for almost everything. Having a physical calendar on the wall is handy and for the horse crazy lover, it is a sure win. You can find calendars with almost any theme: western, dressage, breeds, realistic and even fantasy.

#18 Horse Books

A good horseman always strives to improve herself and giving horse books are excellent and affordable ways you can help your horse fan accomplish this goal.

#19 Reading Magazines

Horse Magazines make great gifts that both Educate and Entertain…the awesome “E and E” Combo Gift! Horse magazines will make a great addition to your recipient’s “horse library.” Most subscriptions come every month, so they will not only appreciate you when they first receive the gift but every month thereafter as well.

#20 Belt Buckle for Cowgirls

There is plenty of ways to express western heritage. Belt Buckle is one of it. You can choose from many classic western motifs or decide for something more universal. Buckles are made to fit almost any leather belt so do not worry about buying something useless.

Horse Gifts for Men

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes shopping for men can be difficult, especially for those with specific interests. We have found several gift ideas for the horse-loving man. These will make wonderful gifts that will not only be loved but also used on a daily basis.

#21 Money Clip

Every man could use one of these. Engravable to make it more personal and to be a constant reminder of the gift giver. Depending on your budget may be gold or silver sterling. 

#22 Business Card Holder

Gives absolute professional business appearance and make the clients and associates a great impression showing the passion at the same time.

#23 Key Rings

High-quality, elegant key rings made out of leather or sterling silver will combine functionality with the quality, making ordinary objects something extraordinary for the horse lover in your life.

#24 Wallet

The genuine leather wallet with the horse motive embossment that looks good over time and fits jeans pockets. Is there any better gift idea for the man?

#25 Lighter

Very pragmatic gift for those riders who smoke.

#26 Tie

Ties are always a great gift for the sharp dressed man, and the designs are virtually endless.

#27 Horse-themed Cufflinks

…will add a bit of elegance to his wardrobe for a day at the office or for those special occasions. The classic look will always be in style.

#28  Horse-themed Socks

For the more casual guy, there are, quite literally, thousands of options for horse-themed t-shirts, socks, and other clothing.

#29 Antique Cowboy Hat

Vintage Cowboy Hat is both stylish and practical gift for a man. Wanna put a smile on the face of your cowboy? You know what to buy…

Equestrian Wedding Gifts

The selection of horse-themed wedding gifts is amazing. Gifts for the newlyweds’ home are always perfect horse wedding gifts. For the horse enthusiast couple in your life, Style Reins has a few suggestions.

#30 Bedding Set

From colorful throws to classic and modern bedspreads. From luxurious bedding to wonderful linen duvet and pillowcase sets. There is a wide selection available to suit every budget. You can choose some horse motives or simply personalize your gift with the embroidery.

#31 Dining Set

There is a big variety of dining sets, you can choose between the small one (coffee set for 2 people) or a bigger set for 3-course dinner for the whole family. We guarantee any horse lover would enjoy dining off of horse-themed beautiful dishes.

#32 Photography Shoot

This is a truly unique wedding gift, a photography shoot with the happy couple’s own horses makes a splendid gift and everlasting keepsake of their special relationship.

#33 Wine Racks

Wine Racks keep everything together what is needed for the wine night and help to serve the wine with the style. They hold up to 24 bottles of wine and usually have also the racks for glasses.

#34 Equestrian Wall Art

Canvas with horse motives is a must have for all equestrian houses. You can order the print from your own pictures or buy the generic one.  There is plenty of types and depending on the home size and your budget you can choose from the small 1 psc picture to 5 psc 2 m-wide canvas.

Horse Home Décor Gifts

Just as there are many rooms in one’s home, there are many home décor gifts for horse lovers. From original sculptures and wall art to rugs to kitchen accents and beyond, here are a few of the numerous options available.

Sculptures are an ideal way to show off one’s passion. This gorgeous resin “Mutual Affection” sculpture with an antique bronze finish on a solid wood, cherry-finished base wonderfully demonstrates the love between human and equine, and this galloping stallion piece simply showcases the beauty of these glorious creatures. In fact, the possibilities for stunning horse sculptures are endless.

Similarly, wall art like prints from famed horse photographer Charles Marion Russell would look perfect in any horse lover’s home.

This large, beautiful fleece throw features a stunning depiction of a horse and is a perfect gift for displaying or to keep warm on chilly winter nights.

Rustic décor has increased in popularity in recent years. These rustic, horse-themed clocks would make a perfect gift for the horse lover in your life.

Collectibles are also quite popular, and there are numerous companies that make stunning sets. Just check out these gorgeous items from Lenox, Breyer, and Schleich.

Horse Premium Gifts

Of course, if you are seeking a truly extravagant gift for the truly special horse lover in your life, there are many choices. Several companies create stunning, one-of-a-kind precious metal and gemstone horse-themed jewelry any horse enthusiast would adore. Take a look at Show Stable Artisans’ gorgeous hand-crafted pieces or Ruby Lane’s vintage jewelry.

Similarly, there is a wide variety of magnificent horse sculptures by such renowned names as Frederic Remington and Stephen Herrero that are sure to please the more discerning horse lover.

Another elegant option is this exquisite porcelain dinnerware banquet service for six.

With the variety of unique, useful, and extravagant gifts like these, finding the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life has never been easier. Happy shopping!