Customising Horses

Hi! My name is Kris Gee of Chrome Lotus Studios in England, UK. For Equestrians have kindly asked me to write a few words that would be of interest to newcomers, so I’m going to discuss my favourite aspects of the hobby: model horse customising, and model Arabian performance set ups! Model horse customising is an … Read more

Buying Breyer Model Horses Online

You have that perfect model in mind that you just have to add to your collection, but it has been discontinued to several years and all your local model stockists are long of out stock. Where can you go that has the good possibility of stocking it? The Internet. The Internet is a great place to find … Read more

Julip Model History

Julip horses are a range of 1:12th-scale model horses that began in 1945. Julip Horses were first made and sold from Julip’s shop at 18 Beauchamp Place, in London’s Knightsbridge. An enterprising sculptress called Lavender Dower made the first Julip models in chamois leather (and later in Latex). Each model had lead in their legs, which came … Read more

How to Fix a Broken Log on a Breyer Horse

When a Model Horse Breaks a Leg, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the trail. In all cases, a broken part on a model will seriously affect the value but in some cases, it’s good to repair them because they are an old favourite!! Most Glue cannot properly hold plastic parts together without … Read more

Horse Glossary

New to the Hobby???Don’t know your OFs from your CMs or TBs from ASBs?  This is the place to find out what it all means!! AAnd  Andalusian.App  Appaloosa.ASB  American Saddlebred.ASHF  Action Stock Horse Foal (Breyer). AA   Animal Artistry BBF Breyerfest.Brey. Breyer: a make of plastic models manufactured in the USA. B is also for Bronc. Bronc is the latest … Read more

Different Types of Model Horse Shows

Photo Shows, Live Shows, Postal Shows? -HELP! What Are They?  Postal Show:Postal showing is the simplest kind of showing in which a model horse can take part.  Unlike other showing possibilities (see below), placings in a postal show are random. Each model has the same chance of winning and the winners come from the luck of … Read more

A Day At A Live Show

Written By Suna and Tina  Going to a model horse show takes almost as much preparation as going to a real horse show…   First, you have to select your models, fill in the entry form and send it off.  Then you have to carefully wrap each model and put it meticulously in its designated box … Read more

Newcomers FAQ Guide to a Live Show

What is a live show?A live show is a model horse convention in which model horse hobbyists gather to show their models. The models are judged in various classes, most of which are similar to classes at real horse shows. Models which are placed in classes can win rosettes and awards for their owners just … Read more

Model Horse Tack Making

A guide to Model Horse Tack Making Written  By Carmody Collins In the following article I aim to give you a little bit of an insight into the world of model horse tack making, from the basics to the more detailed aspects of this area in the hobby. I will begin by listing a few … Read more

A Beginners Guide to Photo Showing

A Beginners Guide to Photo Showing What is a Photo Show? Photo Show’s are a very popular way of showing Model horses. You simply send in photographs you have taken of your model horse to the show holder/judges and they are judged just like a real life horse show. Each picture is judged on its … Read more