How to Make Tassels

Written by Caroline Hodges. How do you make tassels? I get asked this a lot!  You want to make yourself a glorious Arabian costume or halter but cannot find any tassels tiny enough in the shops and have no idea how to make them yourself!  Here is the easiest way make them without having to … Read more

How to Care, Fit and Display Miniature Tack

Written By Caroline Hodges  Fitting miniature tack to your model is vital, particularly in the Live Show ring where judges will be scrutinizing your set up looking for poorly fitting tack which will lower your placing considerably.  If you are making tack yourself take a look at the tips below.  When ordering miniature tack from … Read more

Customising Breyer Model Horses for Beginners

Breyer Model horse customising is an incredibly fun activity. It can be as easy as repainting a model a different colour to remaking and changing the model completely. The art of customising a model horse involves a series of processes done in order to make the horse look more realistic. These include removing the factory … Read more

Different Types of Leather

1. Tooling Leather – this is a very thick, stiff piece of leather predominantly used for Western saddles.  It is thick enough to tool, carve and stamp designs onto as a real life Western saddle would have.  I’ve only ever been able to find this in natural colour so you will also need some leather dye … Read more

Prop Making

Always wanted that certain accessory for your model horse that we don’t currently do? Here are some ideas of how to make them!  Haynets: Need an extra haynet? The mesh bags that oranges come in are ideal for haynets. Simply cut out a circle from the net (when u have eaten all the oranges!) and thread … Read more

Model Horse Q&As

All models should ideally have a name of some sort… Even if a model is called “Herbert”it is better than its makers description of “Brown Thoroughbred Horse”. Q: Why do I have to name my models to show them?Ans: A name is easier to remember and reference, and serves to uniquely identify a particular model. … Read more

My Visit to BreyerFest

In July 2005, myself Frances Stevens and my friend Nicki Collins embarked on a two-stage flight from Gatwick to Charlotte (USA) and then onto Kentucky (USA). Why? Well to finally fulfil the Holy Grail trip of any model horse collector, that being to attend Breyerfest. Here is the official link by Breyer for their event so … Read more

How to Straighten Legs on Breyer Models

Legs can become bent due to the following reasons:– Exposure to heat– Forced removal from the shipment box– Improper moulding To fix this problem, the best method is the hot water solution which is detailed below. Bring a pot of water to a boil and reduce the heat slightly. Immerse the bent leg and gently move the … Read more

How Much is my Breyer Model Worth

This is always a popular question within the Model Horse Hobby but there are always two things to remember when answering this question:1. A model is worth only as much as someone is willing to pay for it.2. Condition affects the value considerably The best ways to determine what a model is worth is to … Read more

Model Horse Scales and Sizes

The five different sizes: There are five different scales within our range- Traditional being the largest and micro the smallest A) Traditional: (1/9th scale) (Approx: 12″ L x 9″H) Traditional models are for play, fun, collecting, showing and more! This scale features an extremely wide range of different Breeds and Colours in addition to having authentic … Read more